Experienced WebClient i+ developers usually find it useful to run their Java applications as client-server prior to publishing to the web server for final testing.

The reasons are as follows:

  • “Smoke test” the application quickly for basic business functionality
  • Test basic database access
  • Eliminate customized html and java script as a potential reason for application failures
  • Test complex functionality like security frameworks

Fortunately the Eclipse / Rational integrated development environment makes it easy to run applications as either Java client-server, or as web applications (i.e. WebClient i+). This is a quick start guide to running your application in Java client-server from Eclipse or Rational (running application in the web browser is already well documented on the WebClient i+ wiki http://wiki.webclientiplus.com).

Set up guide

Step 1

Set up a new application under the Eclipse run application tool bar item.

Select Java application and press the new icon

Step 2

Enter the CA Plex java class information on the first tab

Step 3

Enter the entry class information and function information as arguments on the second tab, for example

Step 4

Run the application. That was easy!

Note: Although WebClient i+ applications can use a variety of standard web graphic types, CA Plex Java client-server applications cannot reference bitmap graphic files (.BMP) on panels. This sometimes presents a cosmetic problem, especially if you are deploying both client-server and web application versions of the same application. So if you want your application to look good in client-server, you need to create .GIF equivalents of your custom.BMP files. CA Plex provides .GIF equivalents of the standard .BMP files that ship with the product.