As SHARE Columbus 2022 closes, we’re happy to report another successful run interacting with mainframe professionals across a wide variety of industries. As usual with our exhibits, we make an industry survey available for attendees to fill out to help us keep tabs on the evolution of technologies companies employ to manage their mainframe operations.

We always find the results informative and interesting, and SHARE Columbus was no exception.

Here are the results.

Mainframe Databases

Our first question asked respondents which mainframe databases their company works with.

Our conference sample manages 2 database technologies on average, with 90% of our conference sample using DB2, and likely at least one additional technology. IMS and Oracle had the greatest share aside from DB2 at 48% and 34% respectively.

Mainframe Software Languages

Our follow-up question asked which mainframe software languages their organization works with.

The average respondent’s enterprise employs 3.5 mainframe software languages, with COBOL having the highest share at 86%. Java, Rexx, and Assembler take nearly equal share of the second-tier between 60-70% each.

Mainframe DevOps Area Products

We also asked conference attendees which Mainframe DevOps Area Products their organization works with.

Most organizations stick with a primary and in some cases secondary technology to manage their DevOps. Endevor and GitLab shared the top spot at 36% each, with Zowe a close second at 32%. BMC, SonarQube and “other” combined took the remaining share.

Mainframe Impact Analysis Tools

To round out our questionnaire, we asked which Mainframe Impact Analysis tools are you using?

Most use standard IBM z built-in tools with over half reporting it as their tool of choice. BMC came in second with 28%, and IBM Rational third at 22%.

As always, we learned a great deal from the conference attendees we encountered. See you at the next one.