Here are Solutions to Three Common iSeries Build Issues with CA Plex RPG Programs
Here are Solutions to Three Common iSeries Build Issues with CA Plex RPG Programs

Build errors are just displayed with status = FAILED in CA PLEX’s Gen and Build window.  Therefore, it is necessary to check the Spooled files to get the details on the exact nature of the errors and determine how to correct them.  You need to use the command: WRKSPLF.  After identifying the Spooled File, position the cursor at the bottom then page up to locate the first fatal error, which will have a priority of either 30 or 40.

The three most common BUILD errors and their resolution are noted below:

  1. Message . . . . :   The Program file is not referenced. File ignored.

The message is accompanied by an indicator such as “QRG7064 Severity:  40   Number:   1.”   If you get the code number 7064 in this example, you can position (SHIFT + F4) to where the error is produced, i.e. you can find in the source the following for this example:


This indicates the view LGLFLDFY is missing.  Therefore, it needs to be regened after which the RPG can build successfully.

  1. Message . . . . :   Number of files specified is greater than 50. 

This error is received in complex programs when the number of files accessed by the RPG exceeds the default compiler limit of 50. Options to resolve: Change the language to RPGIV or split the functionality to externalize some of the processing from the failing RPG into multiple programs.

  1.  Message . . . . :   External description not found for file specified as externally described. File ignored.

This common message relates to missing objects. Use the error code— similar to the first error above—to find the exact object in the source that is producing the error. In this example, I have found the following:


To resolve, just generate the object AANKV, a view in this example, then the failing RPG.

Finally, Spooled Files accumulate rapidly so it might help to clear the list for a given user before attempting to locate the Spooled File for a submitted RPG that fails. To accomplish this you can use the iSeries command:


Where XXXXXXXX is the User ID.

Authored by Lucio Gayosso

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