The basic steps to transform your 2E 5250 screens into a web application are very straight forward.

1. Install and configure the Web Option server.
2. Create a Web Option environment from your 2E model.
3. Identify the screens that will be needed for the application.
4. Generate the HTML Skeletons for the identified screens.
5. Run the new web application.

Once you have completed this initial process you will have a working web application. In order to customize the look to your company there are some additional steps you will need to follow.

1. Customize the Overall look and feel of the application. This can include:

  • Customizing the CSS
  • Customizing the Markup Language Syntex
  • Adding custom Javascript

2. Customize the look and feel of page elements. This can include:

  • Adding custom Javascript to an element like a field.
  • Adding custom CSS to an element like a title.

3. Customizing generated skeletons.  (Optional)

  • You can customize a generated skeleton but every time it is generated you will need to add the customization back.
  • Add scripts and HTML elements to the page.
  • Modify the look and feel of complex pages.

It is good practice to get together with someone who has a good understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript and web development to make the basics building blocks of your customization.  Once the building blocks such as the element custom code is created any developer can integrate the customization to their application by simply generating the HTML from 2E.