InformationWeek: Digital Transformation Challenges IT Leaders

We hear a lot about the importance of digital transformation in IT departments. For some industries, the call is louder than others.

Increasingly, IT departments have shifted into a make-or-break role in large organizations making modernization more critical than ever. Industries that were once technology-enabled are now becoming technology-centric. Where technology once supported business, they are now driving the business.

Digital technology once helped auto makers design and manufacture their cars more efficiently. Now digital technology is driving the cars. That creates a much different, and more critical, role for IT.

John Edwards’ recent commentary in InformationWeek, in an article titled “Digital Transformation Challenges IT Leaders“, addresses these challenges and more, with quotes, examples, and data. In it, he makes the case that digital transformation isn’t an option.

You’re available options include: when, and how you can get it done?

He further makes the case that digital transformation cuts across all enterprise functions, creating additional pressure to get with the times. Advances in AI, machine learning, and automation can be applied to internal efficiences on top of the added value to core products and services, broadening the scope of impact an IT department can have on an organization, and creating a tighter relationship with IT and top management.

Add Big Data and the security concerns that go with it, and you have a big, important job on your hands. The good news is, more organizations are paving the way now more than ever, and yours can too.

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