In this session cloud replatforming experts discuss how IBM i applications are typically being rehosted from on-premise to fully managed hybrid environments. Many customers swear by the benefits of IBM hosting, many reporting significant security and operational benefits, at the same or reduced cost.

IBM Power 7 and 8 machines will soon be unsupported by IBM. If you are planning to upgrade in order to stay supported, this can be the perfect time to consider a hosted solution. You will save a considerable amount of valuable time, and are likely to come out ahead financially as well.

Real life case studies are presented in this webinar.

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Key Takeaways from the Webinar

Poll Question: What Version of IBM OS is the Community On?

Results: 63% are on 7.4, and 33% are on 7.3. So most are good and current. Abacus Solutions saw a big push toward getting current during the end of 2020 with their customers as well so it’s “great to see the people getting current and getting those patches out there on the systems.”

One of the Biggest Benefits of Managed IBM Hosting: Scalability

From Abacus: There are additional resources on tap if you see demand skyrocket. The timeline to procure new hardware and get that new workload moved over is daunting. It could be detrimental to the growth opportunity for the business versus being in the cloud environment, where there are additional resources on tap immediately. And it’s all flash storage. We don’t use spinning disk so growing growing the disk capacity is simple. It takes longer to sign the paperwork than it takes us to add the storage to machines.

Question from the Audience: What kind of connectivity is needed between your customer and the hosted environment?

Entry levels of this becomes a vpn tunnel where they’ve got an internet connection and a firewall appliance at their site that terminates to a firewall appliance on our side. We’ve got a whole stack of diverse internet providers with redundancy in the firewalls and internet connections coming into our side.

Another Question From the Audience: Why should we just not go to ibm or aws for this kind of a service?

AWS doesn’t offer IBMi. They’re more of an infrastructure as a Service. You’re hostage to their maintenance schedule, for instance. When they decide to run maintenance, they do it on their schedule. If it conflicts with your schedule, tough luck.

For more, including real-world case studies, watch the video above or click here to view the video on YoutTube.

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