We’ve launched an all-new short-video series highlighting CM evolveIT for LANSA. These videos cover a wide range of CM evolveIT LANSA capabilities, and provide a good foundational starting point for new or existing users.

For more on CM evolveIT for LANSA, take a look at our CM evolveIT for LANSA Snack & Learn video.

CM evolveIT for LANSA: Process

Just enter the process that you are interested and CM EvolveIT will present you with all the processes, functions, DB Schema and application fields that are utilized in this process.

CM evolveIT for LANSA: Function

With EvolveIT for LANSA you can select any function and interact in a graph diagram with all the processes/functions/DB schema, and application fields that impact the function or are impacted by this function.

CM evolveIT for LANSA: Built-in Functions

Built-in functions are rather common in LANSA applications. The native filtering functionality of entities in CM EvolveIT graph interface helps remove the clutter in your graphs!


All the related entities that have impact on each and every column in the LANSA DB Schema are analyzed and are displayed in CM Evolve IT interactive graph database. CM EvolveIT allows for the reverse search of any entity. Here you will learn how you can pick a DB column and see instantly all the functions and processes that have an impact upon it.

Column Tables And Views

While investigating a function we are by default presented with the Processes, Functions and DB Schema object that are impacted by it. EvolveIT offers unlimited scoping of the implicated entities. By choosing a table, you can find all its columns, all the other tables and views that share the same column name/field as well as the Validation Rules, Access Routes and Batch Control logic that may be impacting each and every field.


EvolveIT for LANSA allows you to navigate visually from the function field, to all the table columns that each field utilizes and consequently to all the tables, functions and processes that utilize and/or impact each and every field.

Batch control logic

This unique functionality enables you to search for embedded LANSA batch control logic, while exploring any table, column and field or to just enter the BCL of interest and find all the columns, tables and functions that have impact/impacts.

Saving Charts to Specific Instance

This – unique to CM Evolve IT capability – helps you and your team focus on what matters most to you. CM Evolve IT allows for the users to save graphs in your profile for further/future reference as well as for sharing the graphs with other team members. The save graph will re-appear in the screen on the exact same position and zoom options at the time that the “snapshot” was taking.