Watch the April 27th Community Webcast

Watch now for a lively discussion with the community. We review plans for the 13th CA Plex/2E Worldwide Conference scheduled for April 24-26 2023 in Miami. Although it is a year away, we need your help and advice now to start planning the conference. We also update the community on Broadcom’s “aggregator” subscription model for supporting CA Plex and CA 2E. If you are not on Broadcom support and want to upgrade to a new IBM Power10, this will be particularly relevant.

Our two technical lightning talks:

Modern CA Plex Applications – CM First

CM First’s Andrew Leggett discusses options for modernizing legacy CA Plex applications generated in C++ and RPG to modern architectures using Java, JavaScript, and C# .NET. If you are concerned about Microsoft’s Visual Studio support plan, then this will be particularly relevant. If you are using CA 2E (Synon), we also discuss how to get your application from COBOL and RPG into Java.

Application Lifecycle Management for CA 2E – Remain Software

Join Remain’s Wim for a lighting overview of Remain’s TD/OMS application lifecycle management product as he shows you how to simplify and control your IBM i and Synon/CA2E development process. The CA2E interface supports working in the 2E model normally and, when needed, functionality in TD/OMS is automatically invoked. For example automatically attaching model objects to a TD/OMS task and unlocking to make them available for development.

The webcast was held Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 10-11AM CST.