Watch the December 13, 2018 webinar IBM / CM First: Securing IBM i/z Platforms with IBM Guardium in its entirety.

As an enterprise with IBM i and z platforms and databases, you are painfully aware of sharp increase in data loss and cybercrime, understanding that the platforms we once believed were impenetrable are no longer so.

And with new regulations and privacy mandates emerging across the globe such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), updated New York State Cybersecurity Requirements (23 NYCRR 500), and Brazil’s new data protection law (LGPD), you are also subject to increasing government oversight with the potential for substantial legal penalties.

The webinar outlined options for securing your IBM i/z DB2 and file data, as well as your data on other database platforms such as Oracle and SQL Server. Techniques discussed:

* Discover sensitive or regulated data
* Classify the data
* Scan for vulnerabilities
* Begin remediating risk

Mark Weiss, Sr. Vice President, CM First Group.
Leslie Wiggins – Senior Product Manager, IBM