WATCH: CM First/HelpSystems: Streamline the Day-to-Day with IT Automation

IT teams have a long list of responsibilities—from desktop tasks, batch jobs, systems infrastructure, and everything in between. And tedious tasks like data entry, file transfers, and event log monitoring can get in the way of more critical tasks. But with IT automation solutions, you can empower your team to complete more work in less time and centralize your IT team’s entire schedule.

Join the automation experts from HelpSystems and CM First to explore ways to leverage IT automation tools in your most critical business projects—including those on IBM I, including those generated with CA 2E(Synon) and CA Plex. Our automation experts walk you through the types of projects your IT colleagues are running, how they’re doing it, and what tools they’re using.

In this live webinar, we cover:

  • Ideas for IT processes to automate including report generation, application integration, overnight processes, automatic resolution of incidents, manual operation checks, and many more!
  • The differences between and uses for automation technologies like robotic process automation, job scheduling, and managed file transfers.
  • Use cases of real projects from IT teams around the world.
  • Tips and best practices to keep in mind for a successful automation project.

Don’t miss your chance to transform your tedious IT processes with automation to optimize resources, reduce errors, and save valuable time.

CM First/HelpSystems: Streamline the Day-to-Day with IT Automation
Webcast streamed live Wednesday, February 17th 2021, 10:00-11:00am CST

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Highlights of the Webcast

Attendee insights

We asked attendees how their companies are using these technologies today: 39% responded that they are using Intelligent Automation for Workload Automation / Job Scheduling, 11% for File Transfer, and 11% purely for Robotic Process Automation. 39% were unsure.

24% of attendees responded that their company currently has a low or very low level of automation, and could definitely be using more. 18% reported a very high level of automation.

Looking forward, 36% of companies want to deploy Workload Automation, 45% would like to implement Robotic Process Automation, 18% were looking to implement Managed File Transfer, and finally 45% were unsure. Respondents could select more than one technology.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

  • RPA leverages software robots to automate manual, tedious and repetitive tasks.
  • Bots can work as attended (alongside a human) or unattended (kicked off by triggers).
  • Typically, high ROI on these projects

Typical tasks for RPA:

  • Navigating websites
  • Extracting data
  • Interacting with multiple applications
  • Downloading files
  • Move files
  • Create reports

Typical deployment scenarios

Workload Automation
Main problem is to manage a large volume (+1000) of multiplatform “jobs”. Or there are mission critical processes that must be robust.

Robotic Process Automation
Need to free IT staff of doing manual tasks that can be automated. Or need a do-it-all solution that can do both RPA and “basic” workload automation and MFT too. Or there is a Business RPA project, and IT can take advantage.

Secure Managed File Transfer
Need to secure and automate critical information exchange or integrations processes. Migrate from a home-made system to a standard platform. If high security requirements, MFT is the way to go.