CM First HelpSystems Bots to the Rescue


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Hearing a lot about robotic process automation (RPA), but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Join us and our guest, HelpSystems, for a live webinar to learn more about this transformational technology.

Pat Cameron, Director of Automate Technology at HelpSystems, will walk you through what RPA is and why you should be interested. You’ll Learn the benefits of RPA and how everyone from IT to business users can automate their daily, manual, and repetitive processes. And you’ll get to see several use cases of successful RPA implementations with IBM i/IBM Power customers using Automate, the powerful RPA solution from HelpSystems.

Then see how CM First uses Automate’s advanced RPA technology to control green screen, web, and office products. Walk away with practical examples of how you can put RPA to work today with your IBM Power, CA 2E, and CA Plex applications.

Webinar: Bots to the Rescue – Unlocking Automation Potential in Enterprise Systems
Date & Time: Wednesday, March 11th 2020, 10AM CST

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