CM First HelpSystems Webinar Bots to the Rescue Enterprise System Onboarding

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is growing rapidly as it moves from emerging technology to the mainstream. If you are considering leveraging automation for your business unit or enterprise and want a detailed plan of action along with insight into some real-world examples, this webinar is for you.

We will demonstrate a specific use case that automates enterprise system onboarding, a challenge many companies now face in our new era of work from home (WFH).

We’ll give you a model to calculate the ROI for this process and other processes. We will also walk you through some examples of how other customers have justified these projects to give you maximum selling power in your next pitch to management.

Pat Cameron of HelpSystems will share her war stories consulting companies looking to automate in the age of COVID-19, including a manufacturer of hand sanitizing products dealing with an unexpected surge in sales, and how a number of overwhelmed small lending institutions are using Automate to speed the PPP loan process that was so “successful” the SBA banned the use of bots for loan applications due to overload.

We’ll then show you how to put RPA to work today with your IBM Power, CA 2E, and CA Plex applications with our onboarding example in mind. CM First automation engineer Roger Hammer will use advanced Automate RPA technology to quickly create an enterprise system onboarding process that can leverage and extend your company’s resources exponentially.

Webinar: Bots to the Rescue – Unlocking Automation Potential in Enterprise Systems
Date & Time: Wednesday, May 20th 2020, 10AM CST

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