In “Extract Business Rules Projects from your Legacy Application with Confidence,” you will find out how to unlock your business rules from legacy languages, giving you enhanced confidence that you can see the flow and business purpose locked up in COBOL code.

Organizations are increasingly using rules engines and prescriptive analytics to gain competitive advantage. But what do you do if your rules are locked up in legacy COBOL or other 3GL code? Getting a handle on these rules so that they can be effectively managed or transformed is a very difficult analysis problem. In this presentation, we will demonstrate automated techniques to extract business rules from COBOL using advanced static analysis and code slicing. Organizations have reported that they can now confidently complete rules where most projects have failed.

Bruno Leconte, CM First Group
Roger Hammer, CM evolveIT Product Owner, CM First Group

Who should attend:
Anyone who wants to effectively manage legacy COBOL or other 3GL code with advanced static analysis and code slicing.

Thursday, October 4, 2018 3pm CET

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