The highlights for CM MatchPoint 6.1 are:

  1. CM MatchPoint has been enhanced to allow syncing your models from Subversion.
    1. Before you extract a local model from a group model, the group model will be synced to your local workstation from subversion.
    2. The local model can then be extracted and worked with as before.
    3. Before the group model is updated it will then be synced from subversion, the group model can then be updated, and then the group model will be synced back to subversion.
    4. The other enhancement related to models is the ability to sync your local models to a subversion repository. This gives developers the ability to back up their local models from their workstations any time they desire.
  2. All of these enhancements have been incorporated into CM MatchPoint’s model manager for CA Plex models.
  3. This will require a Subversion server, however CM MatchPoint will include the Tortoise SVN client packaged into the CM MatchPoint 6.1 installer. If there is no desire to use the subversion options, then the install for Tortoise SVN can be skipped.
  4. We have updated the installer for 7Zip, and each new version of CM MatchPoint will now include the latest 7Zip installer.
  5. The copyright and contact information has been changed to reflect the change of CM MatchPoint to CM First Group’s US office.