Introduction to Our CA Plex CA 2E Lightning Talks

This webcast video serves to introduce CA Plex and CA 2E Community members to the ‘Lightning Talks’, a new series of community-driven and educational webinar sessions made for engineers, by engineers. During these talks, volunteer speakers can share their favorite tips and tricks which they use in their everyday practice. This webinar features introductions by Lenn Thompson, the Community Manager for CA Plex CA 2E Community, as well as by Steve Solomon, Senior Principal Product Manager, and Mark O’Brien. Additionally, this webinar introduces Amy Lugibihl to the community as the new Co-President of the User Group, who will be working alongside fellow Co-President Christoph Heinrich moving forward.

In this webinar, Steve also gives a brief update on current activities at CM First. This update includes a recap with Mark of the recent 9th Annual Worldwide Developer Conference held in Miami, Florida. Amy, as a part of her introduction to the audience, gives statistical insights on attendance at the conference to illustrate both its successful and diverse attendance population.

Product Updates

As an introduction to the material discussed later in the lightning talks, Steve provides a survey update on both the CA Plex 7.2.1 Roll-Up #2 Release as well as the CA 2E 8.7 Roll-Up #1 Release. Regarding Plex, Steve highlights changes and improvements made from the previous update (PTF001), while for 2E he provides a roadmap for where development is as well as where it is going for the product. Steve finishes his updates to users with an ‘end of service reminders’ notice for CA Plex 7.1 and 7.2, as well as for CA 2E 8.6, all dated December, 2018.

Lightning Talks

This webinar is the first in the “Lightning Talks” series, and includes two technical lightning talks presented by CM First engineers. Both talks focus largely on API and SQL modernization of CA 2E applications.

The first talk, presented by Eamonn Foley and Mark Schroeder, discusses CA 2E SQL generation tips. Specifically, they focus on enhancements via file and field naming when modernizing from SQL to DDS.

The second talk, presented by Abram Darnutzer and Chris Smith, covers call migrated CA 2E functions as Java web services. This session discusses enhancements with the CM M3 migrated application, a CM First product.

The webinar concludes with a brief question and answer session between attendees, the moderator and the speakers. Topics covered during the Q&A include implementation names, Swagger, and the future of a Plex 8.0.