First Half

Tuesday, June 10

Coin Toss and Kick Off Meet and Greet the Players and Coaches, establish ground rules

Mark O’Brien’s CA PlexGames Intro Presentation
[Video] Paying Down Technical Debt

Developing a Cadence on Offense CA Training part 1
Packaging Plex Java and .NET Applications Rob L’s Lab11 CA Plex .Net Client Presentation
Timeout for a Lunch ‘n’ Learn — Industry expert “Software Models, Today and Tomorrow”

Petter’s Modeling Presentation

A “Prevent Defects” Defense:
CA Training Part 2
Selected topics from:

  • The new CA Plex .NET Client
  • New .NET Client ActiveX support
  • Dot Net ClickOnce

Rob L’s Lab11 Presentation
IBM i-POWER8 7.2 Presentation

Special Teams use Best Practices:
CM First
Uplift Detailed Concepts from the field
Andrew L’s Preparing For Change Presentation Replatforming to C#/Java
Lily’s WebDesign for Plex Presentation DevOps/Regression Testing
Matt F’s Devops for CA2EPlex-Matchpoint Presentation
Second Half

Wednesday, June 11

Put me in Mobile, Coach:
Implementing mobile business apps
CM WebClient Mobile plus PhoneGap, deployment alternatives, device hardware

JR Mobile Presentation
IBM WorkLight Tech Overview Presentation

Adjusting your game plan:
Moving to a cloud environment, practical topics
Examining the mechanics of moving real life Plex applications to the Amazon cloud, with redundant servers, failover, relational database servers, load balancers, auto-scaling, and load testing approaches.

JR Cloud Presentation

Timeout for Lunch:
Industry expert: “Why should I care about API’s”
Everyone is talking about using API’s – should you get on the bandwagon?

D. Keith Casey’s API Presentation

Recovering from Injuries by being Robust:
CA app dev futures and CA Plex – Rob Layzell
CA has a new application development strategy that includes CA Plex – hear more about it!

Rob’s CA Plex Futures June 2014 Presentation

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