April 18, 2017

CM First Group, an innovative provider of modernization solutions for enterprise software applications, announced today that it has secured $1.2M of new equity financing. The investment funds will accelerate the growth of CM First’s software tools and services. The investment round was led by Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) and Lone Rock Technology Group with

February 27, 2017

Ever since computers first became integral to the business, the next big challenge emerged: communication between IT and the business. IT-business alignment is a critical exercise if you want to deliver on the business requirements, foster revenue growth and maintain a competitive edge. But this alignment is also critical when you are modernizing or simply

February 21, 2017

CM First technical experts are returning to SHARE San Jose 2017 this March. CM evolveIT Product Owner Roger Hammer will join CM First CTO John Rhodes and Denise Kalm for a talk on “Mining for Gold: Integrating Automated Code Analysis into DevOps” on Monday, March 6 at 3:15PM. CM First will also host an exhibit

February 16, 2017

CM First Group Recognized as Most Promising Company at Rice Alliance 14th Annual I.T. and Web Venture Forum   (Jan. 31, 2017) – CM First Group was recognized as one of the 10 Most Promising I.T. and Web Technology Companies at the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship 14th annual I.T. and Web Venture Forum

November 28, 2016

CM First Group has just released the newest release of their code analysis tool, CM evolveIT, release 10.1. This release includes clone detection, a critical feature in finding duplicated or near duplicated code, which can add to the cost of maintenance, increases risk and usually demands more resource utilization. Other version 10.1 enhancements include improved

October 7, 2016

A call-out to CM First was recently posted to the SenchaDev site showing how CM First provides full stack development with ExtJS and Sencha Touch front ends. The company focuses on legacy back ends, integrating with IBM mainframe and midrange systems with cloud platforms including AWS and Azure. Among the quotes from developers working with

September 30, 2016

If you’re not on the GSA schedule, you can’t sell your products to the government. CM First has partnered with Winvale who helps companies work more efficiently with the government. With this addition, government agencies now have access to all of CM First’s products and services.   For enterprise mainframe development organizations around the world,

September 29, 2016

Joining partner, Semantic Designs, CM First Group will be hosting a booth at BBC 2016, highlighting new product, CM evolveIT. This business rules-focused conference offers a great opportunity for connecting with people who need the capabilities of CM evolveIT, the other modernization strategies of CM First, and the partner product, Axon.ivy BPM Suite.   See