March 18, 2016

Kellan Elliott-McCrea, a recognized tech blogger, recently wrote “Towards an Understanding of Technical Debt.” In the post, he posited that the term ‘technical debt’ is hopelessly overused, covering too many different types of problems with code. Why should we care? If we don’t clearly understand a problem, we can’t solve it. By putting every type

February 17, 2016

Intelligent Process Workflow: Easier than ever to build Apps Intelligent BPM models are now easier to integrate workflow for business apps, including those on the IBM AS/400. Axon Ivy engineer Clemens Schiller will discuss the latest advantages of Axon IVY 6.0, including a WYSIWYG Editor, Responsive Design, a Collaboration & Monitoring Portal and Business Rules

January 12, 2016

Some may remember a time when application design meant putting characters on a dumb terminal screen in a somewhat organized fashion, but with only a little regard to the viewing experience. As soon as the Internet provided a gateway for customers to connect with your business, site design became a competitive factor. Add to the

November 10, 2015

Back when mainframes were the only game in town and the only users were employees of the company, application programming interfaces (APIs) were developed to enable one application to talk to another by exposing some of the program’s internal functions to another program. Like device-handlers, these sets of programming instructions and standards made it much

August 25, 2015

BI Intelligence recently produced a report based on a survey of mobile app users. The results indicate the catalysts for downloading a given app and how the users found that app. Key factors are to complete a specific task and that they are already using a non-mobile version of the application and prefer to use

August 25, 2015

IBM Systems Magazine recently ran a worldwide survey of hundreds of customer locations to understand the Top 10 Concerns of IBM i Users. The number one concern was modernization, an area addressed well by CM First products, solutions and services. Here are the results:   58% listed modernization as their top concern, which included dealing

August 21, 2015

When your applications hold you back from corporate goals, such as Cloud, mobile-enablement, Big Data, etc. one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is that you might need to replace/rewrite your applications. The second thought is that this approach is very risky, costly and time-consuming. In fact, you might even feel you don’t

February 11, 2015

Since the first developers began producing business applications, executives have always wanted their automated business processes to be ‘faster, cheaper and better.’ In the past, a two-year development cycle was accepted; now, the business climate no longer tolerates such a lag. Advances in software engineering including new languages, application frameworks, and mobile-enablement tools have helped

November 10, 2014

Many companies struggle with modernization efforts, like cloud, web and mobile, because their code doesn’t easily adapt to the new challenges.  It may be ‘brittle’ due to coding errors referred to as technical debt.  The coding language may simply not have the capabilities you need. Or your developers aren’t trained on the massive numbers of