Mobile solutions are an important part of CM First’s application modernization strategy.   L-mobile is offering mobile solutions in areas like Warehouse Management, Logistics and Production, as well as Service Management and CRM. Their solutions include the mobile software as well as any necessary hardware, like mobile devices, wireless infrastructure, RFID chips and readers. L-mobile is a one-stop-shop for complete mobile solutions. Their solution, Log 2.0 Cold chain, has been awarded ‘Best of 2014” for innovation and high customer value in Germany. CM First Group and L-mobile have founded L-mobile swiss, which will help Swiss ERP customers quickly implement mobile apps integrated with their ERP business applications.


The CEO of L-mobile, Günter Löchner, expressed his belief that this partnership would be valuable to both parties.  “With CM First, L-mobile found a great partner in the Swiss market who, in a next step, will also help L-mobile expand into other markets, like France and the US”, he said.