CM First Group would like to draw attention to Microsoft’s plans to drop support for IE10 and below on January 12, 2016, affecting most Windows versions. That leaves IE11 as the only supported IE browser for Windows 7 and above.


Microsoft Announcement details:


Our current policy is to support the latest version of IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Therefore, CM First Group is providing full support for IE11 latest patch level.


Additionally, Support for Microsoft EDGE (formerly Project SPARTAN) is not currently available but it is planned for a future CM WebClient release. A release date will be communicated as soon as it is determined.


If you desire product support for non-current browser versions, extended support is available at an additional cost under CM First Group’s Retained Services Plan. Contact us for details.


CM First Group encourages customers who remain at older IE versions to plan for the upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. When Microsoft halts providing technical support and addressing vulnerabilities it will be a serious security risk to run older browser versions.


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