CM First Launches Technical Blogs

February 17, 2012


CM First has launched two technical blogs of interest to CA Technologies 2E and Plex developers. Be sure to check them out.


CA 2E / Synon Technical Blog

This blog contains technical topics of interest to the CA 2E (Synon) Community.

Recent topics include:

  • Interview questions for CA 2E developers
  • A keyboard template for CA 2E
  • CA 2E Function Cross Reference Matrix


CM WebClient for CA Plex Technical Blog

This blog contains technical topics around generating RIA and mobile applications from CA Plex, using CM WebClient for CA Plex.

Recent topics include:

  • HTM5 Reference Site Launches
  • Movie and blog post on debugging on mobile devices using firebug
  • Details on the new WebClient 1.8 release

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