September 12, 2012

CM First Announces Release of CM WebClient 1.8 with New Features Meant to Speed Web and Mobile Application Development from Legacy IBM i Code

September 12, 2012


CM First is pleased to formally announce the 1.8 version of CM WebClient. In this latest release the company has introduced various enhancements to extend the ability of CM WebClient to generate mobile interfaces, support cloud application hosting, portal and portlet generation, improved technical support and a number of new UI features and themes.


Web enabling existing business logic is a cost effective and efficient approach to legacy modernization. CM WebClient provides the ability to generate rich Ajax user interfaces or mobile device optimized applications from existing interfaces built with model-based development tools. CM First is closely aligned with CA Technologies whose Plex and 2E platforms are widely deployed in IBM i environments. Developers and designers use CM WebClient to create and publish enterprise-class RIA applications. Developers can start with CA Plex functions and panels and generate Ajax-enabled web applications with standard Plex GUI features, such as editable grid, tabs, tree views, child windows, and dialogs. The Plex functions are then automatically published and deployed to J2EE web servers such as Tomcat, JBOSS, or Websphere.


CM First’s Web Client does not just help with IBM i hosted applications, but can be used alongside CA Plex to generate rich JavaScript applications on Windows/Unix/Linux. According to John Rhodes the CTO of CM First, web and mobile application development is one of the pillars of a holistic application modernization strategy. “These days so many people associate Legacy Modernization with the cost, risk and long project cycles of applications re-writes, code conversions or replacement with packaged business applications. We believe that alongside SOA projects, web and mobile application facing represents the best bang for the buck to ensure that a company is future-proofed for change. Companies really want to focus their time and effort supporting strategic IT initiatives with significant Cap/Ex such as cloud platform deployment and maybe are less excited to discuss how they can identify incremental improvements in stabilized applications. CM WebClient and our other web and mobile development products can change that conversation. We can help take legacy to the web, to mobile devices and can support it in the cloud.”


About CM First


The CM First Group is a global software and services company with focus on application modernization, custom development of enterprise applications and the enabling technologies that support high-performing, and agile development teams. CM First has offices in Switzerland, Italy, and the USA. The company provides software solutions and professional services for over 400 clients in both the private and public sectors, including banking, IT, tourism, and manufacturing. Flagship products focused on the CA market include CM Matchpoint ALM, CM WebClient for CA Plex, CM M3 Modernization for CA 2E, and CM Meta Analytics for CA Repository.


For more information in North America, contact John Rhodes at CM First Technologies Inc., 7000 North Mopac Expy, Plaza 7000 2nd Floor, Austin, TX 78731


For more information in Europe, contact Christoph Heinrich at CM First A.G. Allmendstrasse 11 CH-6312 Steinhausen, Switzerland.


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