Fed up with the high cost and work of hosting your IBM i applications and managing the upgrades to the operating system and software packages? With IBM i and CA 2E (Synon) skillsets in short supply and the cost of managing your environment rising, it may be time to take advantage of CM First’s new PaaS (platform-as-a-service) offering. CM First offers your company the ability to rent a partition at our Tier-3 datacenter. Available 7×24, you can access your development environment and applications remotely. As a Gold CA Technologies partner with expertise and experience in CA 2E (Synon) and CA Plex environments as well as IBM i, CM First can assure you a well-managed, modern development and optionally production environment for your core business applications.


As soon as you make the move, CM First will upgrade your CA 2E models to the latest version, v8.7 and its expert team will help you migrate your applications to IBM i v7.1. CM First will ensure you are on the latest releases of IBM and CA software and operating system, usually at a lower cost than you incur now. You will no longer have to manage operating system and system software compatibility, hardware and software contracts, the physical costs and demands of hosting or planning for and funding server upgrades. In addition, with automated backup and recovery, you can be assured that you have a working disaster plan. Optionally, you can request a physical configuration audit (PCA).


In addition to CA 2E licenses, the PaaS infrastructure includes the following IBM software licenses: WQE, SVP, WQX, BRMS, JS1, PT1, QU1, SS1, ST1, XW1, SSA and SSC. If additional IBM or CA software is required for your environment, we can address that requirement.


With the CM First PaaS offering, you are assured a robust operational environment and business data protection, reducing overall technical debt and risk. Your development team is then freed up to simply develop the new business applications you need.


Focus on business and empower your IT team. Contact CM First at infofrance@cmfirstgroup.com for more information and documentation in Europe and info@cmfirstgroup.com for the Americas.

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