Data is getting cheap, but connectivity can be more problematic. With employees and customers increasingly relying on a variety of mobile devices, companies have to be concerned that there are still many places where WiFi and cell signals are absent. In remote parts of the country, such as where a lot of the oil and gas work is happening, or in shielded buildings, the network may not be available to you.   In other cases, the coast of ‘roaming’ is too high, so people turn off the signal. And yet, they still need to get work done.


If you provide web or mobile CA Plex applications, CM First now provides a way to store data locally on the device until a signal can be re-established. Application data is stored on the device so that people can continue to work when the network isn’t available. This makes your applications ‘always on,’ an increasingly important and desirable capability.


Based on CA Plex and the Sencha Touch framework, the new product, CM WebClient Hsync, generates a data entry app without an internet connection. It also provides offline validation based on any rules you have established in the CA Plex model, then saves off the data until it can be synchronized with the host database.


The four components of CM WebClient Hsync operate on a Sencha Touch framework on top of a CA Plex model. The Template Generator creates template files based on CA Plex model entities or classes. Output Files are then created from these template files. The JavaScript Function stores the data on the mobile device and is also responsible for synchronizing the data when the device can connect to a database. Finally, the CA Plex Service Servlet allows communication with the existing CA Plex-generated server function to validate and process the data when the device reconnects.


CM WebClient Hsync uses REST-based web services to communicate between the device and back-end database servers.


This exciting new capability can give your business the edge in the mobile space. While some apps will fail completely when people find themselves network-less, your apps will continue to work, keeping your customers and employees productive and happy.


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