September 2, 2010

The latest version of WebClient contains some licensing changes. Please refer to the information below for more information.

Model Licensing

When you upgrade your models to WebClient 2010/1.6, you will need to obtain new CrypKey model licenses after the 30 day grace period has expired. If you are a licensed customer, please open up a support ticket with your group model site codes and a license key will be provided. If you are an evaluation customer and need to evaluate for greater than 30 days, please contact sales@adcaustin,com or your local reseller for an extended key.

The same procedure applies to the new advanced controls library, for TreeView and FlexGrid.

ADC Server Licensing

There is a no-charge 10 connection server that ships with WebClient. To activate the free license, please blank out the following entries in your file:

  • tlicensingserver.licensefile
  • licensingserver.ipaddr
  • licensingserver.tcpport

To obtain paid, production server license – please open up a support ticket on

Websydian Server+ Licensing

There is no change to Websydian Server+ licensing