February 19, 2012

From time to time CM First gets asked if the Sencha Touch / PhoneGap technology behind CM WebClient 1.8 Mobile for CA Plex can produce a first class touch-optimized mobile experience. Although HTML5’s promise of single code base across devices is highly attractive, there is often some skepticism expressed. Is this a technology can handle

January 14, 2012

WebClient 1.8 has been in private beta since November 2011. We are readying a Release Candidate for January 2012, and General Availability February 2012. There are several new features in the new release: Mobile Touch Optimized Templates iPhone, Android, BB6 HTML5 Sencha Touch based, with Adobe/Apache PhoneGap Native capability including Camera templates Core Product Enhancements

January 4, 2011

Gartner has identified Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications as the top 2 strategic technologies for 2011 (http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1454221), with 1.2 billion people now carrying rich, high-capability mobile handsets. CA Plex plus the upcoming release of WebClient i+ 2011 (1.8) will provide a solution for both of these topics. This technology preview will demonstrate construction of a