CM First offers an online CM WebClient workshop with hands-on exercises to get you going on web and mobile app enablement fast. The workshop will walk you through the process of creating a mobile and web application with CM WebClient and CA Plex. Then, you’ll package it so that it can be deployed to a virtual or actual Android device. For the workshop, you will develop a Traffic-Cam application which allows access to a number of real-time cameras.


This installation contains everything a CA Plex developer needs to try out CM WebClient. The files include the Eclipse IDE, Java run-time, Tomcat Server, Derby Database, Android Development Tools, Cordova platform, Plex models, and CM First’s WebClient with mobile templates. The only requirement on your side is CA Plex v6.1, v7.0 or v.71, 2GB free disk space on your C: drive and the Google Chrome browser.


The workshop is divided into two modules – Web and Mobile. Each contains a variety of exercises.


Start learning today: Go to the support website and get going.


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