Many companies are struggling to transform CA 2E green screens to web and mobile applications. CM First has created two limited time offerings to help you leverage APIs and build applications that meet your future demands.


Offer #1: Take the 30-day, Green-Screen Challenge

In 30 days, from your current CA 2E (Synon) System Repository, we will:


  1. Analyze all function objects in your CA 2E system, and provide a firm quote for transforming all automatically migrated function objects
  2. Migrate 25 of your existing CA 2E green screens into CA Plex and CM WebClient modern Java Client/HTML5 modles.
  3. Build IOS and Android mobile screens that will use relevant data fields in those green screens
  4. Deliver in a secure, Cloud version for you to test/download to your own server.


This great offer costs $1000 to reserve analysis time and $14,000 on delivery. CM First will deliver all of the above in 30 days or your money back. All work is warranted for 90 days.


Offer #2: CA 2E (Synon) Automated Analysis – Free Quotation

If you’re not ready for the Green Screen Challenge, let CM First perform a full analysis on your CA 2E (Synon) function objects repository for FREE.


We’ll deliver:


  1. A firm quotation on all automatically migrated function objecst
  2. A rough estimate of the remaining work and needed software


For either offer, call 1.512.796.4253 or email us at


Learn more about modernization at:

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