CM First technical experts are returning to SHARE San Jose 2017 this March. CM evolveIT Product Owner Roger Hammer will join CM First CTO John Rhodes and Denise Kalm for a talk on “Mining for Gold: Integrating Automated Code Analysis into DevOps” on Monday, March 6 at 3:15PM. CM First will also host an exhibit (Booth #320) where developers can stop by to share their modernization challenges, problem-solve with top engineers, and learn more about how the newly released CM evolveIT uses cutting-edge technology to assist software architects and engineers.


Register NOW to attend SHARE San Jose (March 5-10). For those unable to attend, SHARE members will be able to access the presentations after the event. In addition, CM First will be recording a zTalk podcast about the mainframe at SHARE with Reg Harbeck sponsored by IBM Systems Magazine.


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