When your applications hold you back from corporate goals, such as Cloud, mobile-enablement, Big Data, etc. one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is that you might need to replace/rewrite your applications. The second thought is that this approach is very risky, costly and time-consuming. In fact, you might even feel you don’t have the in-house skillset to make this happen. Many companies have tried this approach; few have been delighted with their results.


But you need to modernize. There has to be a better way. It turns out that for CA 2E customers there is a proven methodology that will move you from a more limited framework to a fully functional, ARAD framework, CA Plex. The CM M3 initiative gets you to your goal of a modern, maintainable system with reduced technical debt. http://www.cmfirstgroup.com/initiatives/ca-2e-to-ca-plex/


With this approach, the conversion from CA 2E to CA Plex is almost 100% automated resulting in a maintainable, modern system that helps you create Web applications and APIs out of the box. Your resultant code is platform-independent Java/JavaScript/HTML5 or C# WPF/XAML applications which integrate with RPG and C++.   The initiative defines predictable costs and a clear timeline so you can manage the conversion without surprises. You also eliminate risk as this offering comes with a guarantee.


CM First has helped many companies through this process. A recent example helps to demonstrate the value of this approach. C&D Technologies, founded in 1906, produces lead-acid storage batteries for standby power applications. A global strategy, coupled with acquisitions led to a challenge with their ERP system. When they acquired the Reynosa manufacturing facility in 2005 from Matsushita (Panasonic), they learned that this facility, running as a ‘maquila’ must ship all finished goods first to a US location under C&D’s control.


The ERP system was Infor XA (formerly MAPICS), an ERP system, based on CA 2E. What C&D needed was to create a system tightly integrated to their ERP system to facilitate shipment actions by non-employee occasional users  They decided they needed to develop an order transfer system to account for inventory from time of shipment from Mexico up through final acceptance by a common carrier.


With the help of CM First and only one C&D employee, the new CA Plex order transfer system and its connection to the ERP was developed in 6-8 man-months over a period of two years. Logistics partners use the new system without knowing anything about the back-end ERP system, nor do they have any access to it, a security plus. See the presentation given at the recent Plex/2E conference at: http://plex2e.com/conference/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/JohnRhodes-ModernizingCA2EAssets.pdf


The new CA Plex system is modern, modernizable and perfectly adapted to their needs. Do you have an old CA 2E system that is holding you back? Let CM First help you take it into the 21st century.

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