WebClient 1.8 has been in private beta since November 2011. We are readying a Release Candidate for January 2012, and General Availability February 2012.

There are several new features in the new release:

  • Mobile Touch Optimized Templates
    • iPhone, Android, BB6
    • HTML5 Sencha Touch based, with Adobe/Apache PhoneGap
    • Native capability including Camera templates
  • Core Product Enhancements
    • Accordion control, enabling Outlook style menus
    • New Claro theme, support for creating user defined themes
    • Auto scale CA Plex functions to browser size
    • Enhanced Grid, save placement, export to Excel, and more
    • Intellisense style interactive filtering
    • Initial Cloud Instance Definitions
    • Portlet Generations – Websphere Portal or Apache Pluto
  • Additional Features
    • FileOpen, Progress, Plex 7.0 …
    • New licensing – No more crypkey!

Please view the presentation below for more information:

If you are a current customer and wish to be part of the release candidate process, please drop us an email to info@cmfirsttech.com.