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  • WebClient Patch Release 1.4.10 is released. To obtain this release, please login to http://webclientiplus.com and select Developer Content and Software Downloads



1. When using a custom template, the attach point can now be omitted from the control name (and shoud be for grid cell templates) It will defaut to the attach point where those controls would be place if they didn’t have a control name set.



ItemName:Grid1P.ColumnsArea:template=MyItem:Item Name



ItemName:template=MyItem:Item Name


The following element should be the template= element.


2. The enquiry message close “X” button now has the effect of automatically clicking “Cancel” on the dialog.


3. Options can now be programatically removed from the ComboBox control.


4. RadioButton has improved behavior when dealing with the Read Only and Disabled states.


5. MultilineEdit supports the Lost Focus event.


6. A bug that prevent the root (panel-level) context menu from working has been fixed.


7. A number of check box and radio button quirks have been corrected

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The Websydian WebClient i+ development team