August 11, 2014

John Rhodes, CTO, has been taking the modernization story on the road.  As a modernization partner with IBM, CM First was represented at the IBM Modernization Forum held May 13-14, 2014 at the IBM Client Center Paris, Bois-Colombes. On June 10-11, the CM First team led the first CA Plex Games in Austin, a training event for CA Plex users seeking to upgrade to the new release, re-platform applications, integrate with BI packages, running secure applications in the Cloud and more.  If you missed the event, or wish to take another look at the presentation material, click here.


On July 8th in Zurich, Switzerland, CM First presented the CA Plex Developer Conference, a day of training similar to the CA Plex games.  Events similar to the one in Switzerland were also held in July in Verona Italy, working with partner, Futura, and in Madrid, Spain, working with partner, Near Technologies.


Rhodes will also be speaking at SHARE in Pittsburgh on August 6. He had been asked at the last SHARE to delve deeper into technical debt issues and in response, will offer, “Technical Debt – The Cost in Performance and Security.”  “We’ve found that many aren’t aware of all the costs of technical debt,” Rhodes said.  “By helping them to understand the magnitude of the problem, CM First has seen an increase in motivation to resolve it.”




Many at CM First have interesting avocations.  Mark Schroeder, Senior CA 2E Consultant, is very interested in photography. He captured this iconic image of Austin, TX recently. Note the contrails seeming to highlight the skyscrapers.


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