Where is CM First?

In February, John Rhodes, CTO, spoke to SHARE attendees in Anaheim on “Business Agility – Unlocking Your Legacy Code.”  Clarifying the problem of technical debt and the implications to business success, he was able to lay a case for the benefit of using CM MetaAnalytics to solve this problem.  Interest in the subject has prompted him to supply an abstract for the Pittsburgh SHARE in August where he will discuss the security and performance implications of technical debt.



Mark O’Brien, Revenue Director for Business Development, attended Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) in March.  SXSW, once a small venue for independent creative work, has grown since 1987 to become a ‘flash mob’ of creativity, offering new music, independent films and technological innovation.   Austin is the perfect breeding ground for this festival that is one part Davos, one part Woodstock and another part ComicCon for geeks; the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of the town draws new companies, aspiring innovators and new techies excited to begin their careers. http://sxsw.com/


Mark O’Brien, notes, “Attending this event once again, it was clear that increasing numbers of people are coming primarily for the ‘connectedness’ portion of the program – the part that engages celebrities, businesses and social media experts together to figure out the next steps IT needs to take to stay relevant and valuable.  SXSW helps determine and drive the trends of the future.  CM First wanted to drink in that creative spirit and soak up the good ideas generated.”

SXSW Chalk Drawing, Courtesy of Capital Factory

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