August 21, 2015

In this post, I want to outline two concepts that may help you to create a better service architecture for CA Plex WCF services. First, we should make sure the interfaces are decoupled from the business logic in order to make sure that a change to business functions will not affect the interface used by

August 21, 2015

Web Services are an essential part of modernizing many legacy systems. CA 2E developers are able to build their own Web Services inside the CA 2E model. Recently, I worked with a customer on exposing some important parts of their CA 2E application through Web Services. There are several lessons we learned while implementing Web

July 22, 2015

by Andrew Leggett / Sr. Application Consultant WebClient developers know how useful the log file is for debugging and for tracking errors, but did you know that you can send your own messages to the log file from your CA Plex action diagram? This technique can be used to provide an insight on what happens

April 21, 2015

by Lorenz Alder, Senior Consultant / Software Architect Ever wanted to build a menu processor and tried to figure out how to call functions by the function names stored in the database? Here’s what you need to know: Create a prototype function defining input and output parameters for callees Let all functions you want to