From time to time CM First gets asked if the Sencha Touch / PhoneGap technology behind CM WebClient 1.8 Mobile for CA Plex can produce a first class touch-optimized mobile experience. Although HTML5’s promise of single code base across devices is highly attractive, there is often some skepticism expressed. Is this a technology can handle produce an experience equivalent to the native device alternative, laboriously crafted by hand multiple times for iOS Objective C, Android SDK, and BlackBerry?

We invite you to research the question yourself by checking out this HTML5 web site. NOTE: Must be accessed from an Android, Apple, or Blackberry mobile device, or Safari/Chrome from a desktop browser.


Descuento Libre is dedicated to serving the Latino community – and those who love the Latino culture – through significant discounts on retail, services, restaurants, entertainment, and recreational activities. Descuento Libre’s deals focus on local businesses and establishments patronized by the Latino community, as well as places that promote Latino culture. The company is also committed to supporting the local Latino community by engaging at the grassroots level and partnering with non-profit organizations. Descuento Libre is active in major metro centers across the USA and Mexico.

CM First developed the transactional mobile web site for Descuento Libre. Stay tuned for appearances on the iTunes, Android, and Blackberry market places.














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