January 3, 2017

With HTML5/JavaScript applications, item positioning on a screen falls into two categories: relative positioning or absolute positioning. Absolute positioning for mobile applications should be avoided (with few exceptions) since mobile devices vary greatly. Relative positioning can be tricky to get just right, however. Below are a few quick and easy tricks to position items better

January 3, 2017

By Denise Kalm | Industry Expert A new, clean web page isn’t built in a day — it requires major testing before going live. Web pages are software, and software is prone to bugs. Problems with your pages can seriously affect your line of business, and the wide visibility of a web page harbors the

April 3, 2012

Introduction Developers that have started using CM WebClient 1.8 Mobile’s touch optimized templates usually find that creating a mobile web app deployment is straightforward. But while deployment as a web app is acceptable for some, other developers creating commercial and specialized applications often benefit from native deployment. For example, you may need to use the

February 19, 2012

From time to time CM First gets asked if the Sencha Touch / PhoneGap technology behind CM WebClient 1.8 Mobile for CA Plex can produce a first class touch-optimized mobile experience. Although HTML5’s promise of single code base across devices is highly attractive, there is often some skepticism expressed. Is this a technology can handle

January 4, 2011

Gartner has identified Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications as the top 2 strategic technologies for 2011 (, with 1.2 billion people now carrying rich, high-capability mobile handsets. CA Plex plus the upcoming release of WebClient i+ 2011 (1.8) will provide a solution for both of these topics. This technology preview will demonstrate construction of a