March 8, 2009

We have published our March 2009 Newsletter to the WebClient developer community. We will be publishing a newsletter monthly with tips/techniques, information, and other technical news. Highlights to bring out in this publication: an updated documentation wiki, new developer tips, and several upcoming events. You can access a our March newsletter here. To see all newsletters, and to

March 5, 2009

Many web developers are interested in performance of their production web applications – as well they should be. Performance under load can be quite different than performance in a development environment or on your personal workstation. To give some guidance on this, we have created a benchmark document. In this document, the developer can see

February 14, 2009

If you are using or evaluation WebClient i+ for CA Plex, you may want to peruse the manuals. There are several ways to get your hands on the documentation: Go to, log in, and download PDF’s from the documentation section Go to the technical wiki, all the manuals are also available here Check for