CA Plex

November 18, 2009

The WebClient i+ November 2009 newsletter is available here. Highlights of this edition include: Boise CA Plex / WebClient event completes New tips published for deploying Tomcat applications on Microsoft IIS, and embedding web pages and creating web components like Adobe Flash calculators. Version 1.4.17 released CA World planned for May 2010, with extensive virtual conference.

November 17, 2009

WebClient i+ Developers – WebClient Patch Release 1.4.17 is released. To obtain this release, please login to and select Developer Content and Software Downloads. This release contains bug fixes and enhancements. Consult the release notes for the full list fixes and updates in this release. Important Note: This patch is not compatible with CA Plex

April 20, 2009

Experienced WebClient i+ developers usually find it useful to run their Java applications as client-server prior to publishing to the web server for final testing. The reasons are as follows: “Smoke test” the application quickly for basic business functionality Test basic database access Eliminate customized html and java script as a potential reason for application